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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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11/22/11 Intellectual Freedom across the Globe: Access to Health Information and Education in the Developing World Online/web-based
12/07/11 Building Digital Communities through Blogs and Social Networking Online/web-based
12/13/11 What Will Happen When I'm Gone: Ensuring Knowledge Transfer to Your Successor Online/web-based
12/14/11 Brave New World (Wide Web): Job hunting in the 21st Century Online/web-based
12/14/11 NISO Webinar: Assessment Metrics Online/web-based
12/15/11 Let’s Get Crazy! Library Programs On and Over the Edge Online/web-based online
12/28/11 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: A conversation with Sarah Houghton Online/web-based
01/04/12 Launch of Data Privacy Month
01/08/12 Creating Friction-Free Relationships: Online/web-based
01/10/12 Digital Preservation Fundamentals: Text and Image Formats Online/web-based
01/10/12 Organizational Storytelling for Librarians: Using Stories for Leadership, Community, and Advocacy Online/web-based
01/10/12 Privacy and Security Risks in Higher Education Online/web-based
01/11/12 Linked Data and Libraries: What? Why? How? Online/web-based
01/12/12 Intellectual Freedom: Basic training for new staff and a refresher for the rest of us Online/web-based online
01/17/12 The Hopeful Workplace Online/web-based
01/18/12 Discovery tools? You Can Compete with Google Online/web-based
01/18/12 Bulding Bridges #3: Communicating Your Value Online/web-based
01/19/12 Caregiver Resources Online/web-based
01/19/12 Journey into the Darkness: Summer Reading Programs Online/web-based
01/25/12 Improvisation at Work! Communicating and Innovating in Your Library Online/web-based
01/26/12 It’s Who You Know: Finding, Making, and Keeping Connections for Successful Partnerships Online/web-based
01/27/12 Getting the Most from Your Summer Reading Program: CLA’s summer reading outcomes initiative Online/web-based
02/01/12 SOPA and PIPA: What Libraries Need to Know Online/web-based
02/04/12 2012 InfoCamp PDX Conference, Other Q Center
02/07/12 Storing and Managing Digital Collections Online/web-based
02/08/12 Learning4Life: AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner Online/web-based
02/08/12 Youth Media Activities in Your Community: Teaching Digital Natives Online/web-based
02/15/12 Turning Your Library Around Online/web-based
02/16/12 Building a LibraryAware Community: Making the Connection Online/web-based Online
02/16/12 Serving LGBTQ Teens Online/web-based
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