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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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02/26/13 The Next Major Challenge in Records Management is Already Here: Social Media [MARA Guest Lecture] Online/web-based
02/26/13 Digital Preservation for the Rest of Us: What's in it for Librarians and Library Users Conference
02/25/13 Looking Back on the Preserving Virtual Worlds’ Projects [Virtual Worlds Guest Lecture] Online/web-based
02/20/13 Digital Preservation, Part 2: Storage and Protection Online/web-based
02/19/13 When a Librarian met an Archivist: Collaborating to teach and promote the special collections and archives Online/web-based
02/15/13 Doing Oral History at OSU: A Tale of Three Time Zones (OSU Libraries Library Faculty Seminar) Speaker/Lecture Willamette Seminar Rooms (Valley 3622), Valley Library, Oregon State University
02/12/13 Digitization 101 Online/web-based
02/06/13 Changing the DNA of Scholarly Publishing: The Impact of Born Digital Content on the Scholarly Community Today Online/web-based
02/06/13 Digital Preservation, Part 1: Inventory and Selection - Online Online/web-based
01/10/13 Digitization Collaborative Information Session Online/web-based
01/09/13 Starting Right: Introduction to Digital Project Management Planning Other
01/08/13 Archives Preservation Online/web-based
12/11/12 Turning Preservation Outreach into Dollars Online/web-based Online
12/07/12 Creating and Funding Preservation Projects To Enhance Collection Care Workshop Springfield Public Library
12/05/12 Mammoth Materials: How to Preserve Posters, Maps and More Online/web-based Online
12/03/12 The Life of Vesper Geer: A Biographic Documentary Speaker/Lecture McMenamins Mission Theater
11/29/12 Mass Digitization Collaborative Information Session Online/web-based Online
11/28/12 Holdings Comparisons: Why Are They So Complicated? Online/web-based
11/27/12 Managing Digital Projects with CONTENTdm Online/web-based Online
11/27/12 Preservation of Photographic Materials Online/web-based Online
11/14/12 The Role of Long-Term Storage in Digital Curation Online/web-based
11/13/12 Mass Digitization Collaborative Information Session Online/web-based Online
11/06/12 Preservation Management Online/web-based Online
10/30/12 Managing Digital Projects with CONTENTdm Online/web-based Online
10/30/12 Mass Digitization Collaborative Information Session Online/web-based Online
10/27/12 Basic Film Preservation Workshop Online/web-based
10/16/12 Introduction to Preservation Online
10/13/12 Continuing Education Opportunity, Portland, OR - Saturday, October 13 at OHSU Workshop, Other Oregon Health & Science University Library
10/12/12 Moving from Institute to Network: Reflections on the Oregon Tribal Archives Institute Speaker/Lecture Oregon State University Valley Library
10/12/12 Symposium on Emerging Roles in Librarianship and Pacific Northwest Chapter / Medical Library Association Continuing Education Day Speaker/Lecture, Workshop, Other EcoTrust Building
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