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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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05/13/14 Where’s the GAP? Conducting a blended learning needs assessment Online/web-based
05/12/14 Oregon Encyclopedia Community Meeting: Contribute Your Knowledge of Wheeler County History to the Oregon Encyclopedia Workshop Jeanne E. Burch Building
05/09/14 ACRL-OR Professional Development Event (May 9, 2014) OHSU Library/Biomedical Information Communication Center (BICC, Room 124)
05/09/14 Three Steps to Thriving in Chaos Online/web-based
05/09/14 How to Socialize with Patrons Online Online/web-based
05/08/14 Library Security Online/web-based
05/08/14 Making Video More Social Online/web-based
05/05/14 “Worthy Brown’s Daughter: A Novel Inspired by Holmes v. Ford (1853).” Speaker/Lecture McMenamins Mission Theater
04/30/14 Public Tech Instruction: Online Job Search Assistance Online/web-based
04/29/14 Free Land - Just Add Water Speaker/Lecture McMenamin's Old St. Francis School
04/29/14 Holmes v. Ford: Slavery on Trial in the Oregon Territory Speaker/Lecture McMenamins Edgfield: Power Station Theater
04/26/14 Spotlight! on NLM Resources - Specialized Information Services Online/web-based
04/24/14 @PublicLibraries: Making Social Media Work for You Online/web-based
04/22/14 All Work is Team Work (April 22, 2014 - May 20, 2014) Online/web-based
04/21/14 Teacher-Librarian News Night Online/web-based
04/16/14 Killing Dewey Online/web-based
04/15/14 Telling the Story of your Library's Impact Online/web-based
04/11/14 People - Difficult or Different? Online/web-based
03/27/14 Health Happens in Libraries: Prioritizing Patron and Partner Engagement Online/web-based
03/20/14 Community Connections: Break with Tradition! Online/web-based
03/20/14 Digital Badges: Show What You Know to Your Boss or Potential Employer Online/web-based
03/14/14 6 Essentials for Teams That Work Online/web-based
03/13/14 How to Get Media Coverage for Your Event Online/web-based
03/13/14 Telling the Story of Volunteer Impact Online/web-based
03/12/14 Password Management & Security Online/web-based
03/11/14 Social Media for Trainers Online/web-based
03/07/14 Innovation and Creativity in Promotion of Resources Online/web-based
03/06/14 Federal Student Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation Benefits Online/web-based
03/05/14 What is and What’s Next: Making Assessment and New Opportunities Online/web-based
03/05/14 The Magic of Marketing Databases Online/web-based
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