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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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05/28/14 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers Online/web-based
05/27/14 The Nuts and Bolts of 3D Printing for Librarians: Part 2 of 2 Online/web-based
05/27/14 ACRL-OR Video Hangout: Data Management with Amanda Whitmire Online/web-based Online
05/27/14 Staying on Track with Major Gifts: Accountability Tools and Techniques Online/web-based
05/22/14 Tending the Garden of Innovation Online/web-based
05/22/14 Appy Hour: Mozilla Popcorn Maker Online/web-based
05/22/14 Turning Stress into Power Online/web-based
05/22/14 Web Accessibility Analytics and Open Source Tools for Auditing Access Online/web-based
05/22/14 Transforming Library Space for Community Engagement Online/web-based
05/22/14 10 Tips for Measuring Programs Through Data Online/web-based
05/22/14 Telling the Story of your Library's Impact Online/web-based
05/21/14 There’s an app for that! 50 apps that will rock your world in 60 minutes Online/web-based
05/21/14 Facilitating Institutional Change Through Mentoring Online/web-based
05/21/14 What’s New in Children’s Literature 2014 Online/web-based
05/21/14 Engaging Your Community with Facebook Online/web-based
05/21/14 What Public Librarians Need to Know about Common Core State Standards Online/web-based
05/21/14 Tips and Tools for Creating Transformational Teams Online/web-based
05/20/14 Repackaging Research - Recipe for the Common Core Online/web-based
05/20/14 The Nuts and Bolts of 3D Printing for Librarians: Part 1 of 2 Online/web-based
05/20/14 The everyday importance STEM: How learning about science and technology can promote success in all aspects of our lives Online/web-based
05/20/14 The Future of Mystery Fiction Online/web-based
05/16/14 Blogging & Public Libraries Online/web-based
05/15/14 Roles for Libraries and Librarians in Disasters Online/web-based
05/15/14 The Play's the Thing Online/web-based
05/15/14 An Introduction to the Digital Humanities for Librarians Online/web-based
05/14/14 Using Twitter for Professional Development Opportunities Online/web-based
05/14/14 How to Ask for Money from Individuals Online/web-based
05/14/14 Discover the Benefits of eBook Partnerships Online/web-based
05/14/14 Effective Strategic Planning Part 3: Measure, Monitor, Report Online/web-based
05/13/14 Simply Irresistable: Storytimes for 2 and Under (May 13, 2014 - June 9, 2014) Online/web-based
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