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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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08/12/14 Developing a Strategic Plan for Volunteer Engagement Online/web-based
08/06/14 Western State Government Information Virtual Conference Online/web-based
07/30/14 Net Neutrality: Recent Changes in Legislation Online/web-based
07/23/14 National Library of Medicine's resources of interest for community colleges Online/web-based
07/22/14 Makerspaces in Libraries: Legal Considerations Online/web-based
07/22/14 Book Clubs Abuzz! Online/web-based
07/17/14 Cataloging with RDA Online/web-based
07/16/14 National Library of Medicine's History of Medicine Collection and Veterinary Medicine Resources Online/web-based
07/15/14 Library Workplace Empowerment: Creating a Culture of Accountability Online/web-based
07/15/14 Getting Started with Grants: Make Your Requests Shine Online/web-based
07/15/14 There's an App for That! - The B Side: 50 Productivity Apps that will Prepare You for the Mobile Edu-volution Online/web-based
07/14/14 Objective Overruled Online/web-based
07/11/14 Making Difficult Conversations Easy Online/web-based
07/10/14 How Do Our Students Learn?: A Cognitive Psychological Model for Information Literacy Instruction Online/web-based
07/10/14 Five Million and Counting: Serving Patrons with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Online/web-based
07/10/14 The Kid and Teen-Friendly Library Online/web-based
07/10/14 Mobile Tech for Offices & People Online/web-based
07/10/14 Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013 Online/web-based
07/10/14 Yes Virginia, You Can Market Databases Online/web-based
07/09/14 Making Your Space: Creators and Makers in the Library Online/web-based
07/09/14 Is It Copyrighted? Can I Use It? (Nebraska Library Commission) Online/web-based
07/08/14 Reading Ahead: Highly Anticipated Fall and Winter Titles (Booklist) Online/web-based
06/27/14 The Internet of Things: Coming Soon to Everywhere Online/web-based
06/25/14 Spotlight! on NLM Resources Online/web-based
06/25/14 Everything you want to know about grants Online/web-based
06/25/14 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers Online/web-based
06/24/14 How Practicing Professionals can get Hands-on Experience in Digital Curation Online/web-based
06/23/14 Making Video More Social Online/web-based
06/19/14 Mobile Impact 301: How to Raise More Money via Mobile Online/web-based
06/18/14 Flippin’Library! A year in the life of a flipped library Online/web-based
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