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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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03/06/14 Federal Student Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation Benefits Online/web-based
03/06/14 Lean for Social Good 101 Webinar Online/web-based
03/06/14 New Common Core Connections Online/web-based
03/06/14 10 Ways to Integrate Your Communication Online/web-based
03/05/14 What is and What’s Next: Making Assessment and New Opportunities Online/web-based
03/05/14 Is Leadership Coaching Right for Us? Online/web-based
03/05/14 The Magic of Marketing Databases Online/web-based
03/05/14 Hiding Your Trail! Smart Online Sleuthing Online/web-based
03/05/14 Migrating To A New ILS Online/web-based
03/04/14 Spanish Resources from Gale Online/web-based
03/04/14 Measurements that Matter: Analyzing Patron Behavior Online/web-based
03/04/14 Streamline Content for Your Users & You: Content strategy for sustainable site maintenance Online/web-based
03/03/14 reThinking Library: The urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living Online/web-based
03/03/14 A Webcast with Thirteen Reasons Why Author, Jay Asher! Online/web-based
02/26/14 eResources and the Common Core Online/web-based
02/20/14 Beyond the Rhymes: Rethinking the Who, Where, and How of Storytimes Part 3 Online/web-based
02/20/14 Book-talking the Best of the Best: 2014 Book Awards Online/web-based
02/18/14 Using Facebook to Recruit Volunteers Online/web-based
02/18/14 Gale Business Resources Online/web-based
02/12/14 Gale Health Resources Online/web-based
02/11/14 Beyond the Rhymes: Rethinking the Who, Where, and How of Storytimes Part 2 Online/web-based
02/10/14 Strategies for Pizazz: Rebuilding One-Shots into Engaging Instruction Session Online/web-based
02/06/14 Beyond the Rhymes: Rethinking the Who, Where, and How of Storytimes Part 1 Online/web-based
02/05/14 Ebook Merchandising Online/web-based
02/05/14 It’s All in the Planning Online/web-based
02/04/14 Developing Library Collections for Today's Young Adults Online/web-based
01/31/14 Changing lives through Career Online High School: New for Public Libraries Online/web-based
01/30/14 Optimizing Materials Handling on the Cheap: How to Lean Your Workflow Online/web-based
01/30/14 Adults Just Wanna Have Fun: Adults Programming Beyond Lectures Online/web-based
01/29/14 Absolutely Free (and Practically Unknown) Online Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed - An Overview Online/web-based
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