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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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01/17/13 QR Codes: Bridging the print-to-digital divide Online/web-based
01/17/13 Apps Apps Everywhere Online/web-based
01/17/13 Every Child Ready to Read: How to Train and Motivate Adults to Foster School Readiness Online/web-based
01/17/13 Making of the Best Soft Skills eLearning Course! Online/web-based
01/16/13 Strengthen the Influence of Your Leadership: People Skills, Personal Substance and Influence Smarts (Part 2 of 4) - Webinar # 2: ADAPT - Leverage Your Knowledge of Communication Styles to Positively Influence Work and Personal Relationships Online/web-based
01/16/13 Social Networking Communications & eLearning: Tweeting in Adobe Captivate Course Modules Online/web-based
01/15/13 Booklist Webinar—New Resources for the Common Core Online/web-based
01/15/13 The Impact of an Ice Cream Sundae Online/web-based
01/15/13 Seeing the World through a Different Lens: International Films for Youth Online/web-based
01/13/13 Rainbow Family Connections Online/web-based
01/11/13 My Time is Worth More Than a Dime: Strategies for Saving Our Most Precious Resource (Live Online) Online/web-based
01/10/13 Family Law Basics for Public Libraries Online/web-based
01/10/13 Transforming Communities Through Apps: Part II Online/web-based
01/10/13 Digitization Collaborative Information Session Online/web-based
01/10/13 Interactivity using Actions: Basics and Advanced – Part 1 Online/web-based
01/09/13 Strengthen the Influence of Your Leadership: People Skills, Personal Substance and Influence Smarts, Four-part Series: Webinar 1 - Prepare for Success Online/web-based
01/09/13 Louder, Faster, Funnier: Humor & Learning Online/web-based
01/08/13 Archives Preservation Online/web-based
01/08/13 Keeping Your Library Safe: Black Belt Librarians Online/web-based
01/02/13 NCompass Live: 23 Things: The Next Generation - Online Online/web-based
01/01/13 Let's Read! New Books for the Newest Readers Online/web-based
12/20/12 Proposal Writing Basics Online/web-based
12/19/12 Demystifying Data Management Terminology Online/web-based
12/19/12 Practical Uses for Adobe Presenter 8: Part 5: Simple Lecture Capture – Adding Audio to PowerPoint Online/web-based
12/18/12 Difficult Performance Reviews: Online/web-based
12/17/12 Caring for the Mind: Providing Reference Services for Mental Health Information -- ongoing class, Mondays, December 17, 2012 to January 20, 2013 Online/web-based
12/15/12 Different Kinds of Roles : mentoring, volunteering, voice of the chat, etc. Online/web-based
12/14/12 Enterprise Games: Real Life Case Studies of Applying Game Mechanics to Business Operations Online/web-based
12/13/12 Reaching Reluctant Readers Online/web-based
12/13/12 Social Support Best Practices with Zendesk Online/web-based
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