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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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07/19/12 Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Talking Sex and Sexuality with Teens Online/web-based
07/19/12 Libraries and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Online/web-based
07/18/12 Hack Your Career: Dream Job FTW! Online/web-based
07/18/12 Designing Vibrant Libraries: Using our Strengths to Create the Libraries of the Future (Starts at 12:15) Online/web-based
07/18/12 Screentastic! Using Screencasting as a Reference and Customer Service Tool Online/web-based
07/18/12 Emerging Technologies: Tips and Strategies for Success in Libraries Online/web-based
07/18/12 Organizational Drama: A Leadership Perspective on Conflict Online/web-based
07/18/12 Legal Research for Information Professionals Online/web-based
07/18/12 NCompass Live: Library in a Dash Online/web-based
07/18/12 Business Insights Essentials: Product Training Online/web-based
07/17/12 Lightning in a Bottle: Managing Ideas to Spur Innovation Online/web-based
07/17/12 Kids InfoBits: Product Training Online/web-based
07/16/12 Opposing Viewpoints in Context: Product Training Online/web-based
07/12/12 Fine-Tuning Facebook for Libraries Online/web-based
07/12/12 Book Battle II: This Time It’s Personal Online/web-based
07/12/12 Making the Most of Online/web-based
07/11/12 How to Enhance Library Instruction with Mobile Devices Online/web-based
07/11/12 “Finding the Best People in a Tough Economy: Strategies for Successfully Recruiting Employees” Online/web-based
07/11/12 Grant Writing for Libraries Serving Children Online/web-based
07/11/12 Naked Meetings II: Structuring Effective Meetings in Contentious Settings Online/web-based
07/11/12 NCompass Live: A Day-in-the-life of the Scholarship Student Conference Attendee Online/web-based
07/10/12 Give Me Something to Read! When Social Networking Meets Readers Advisory Online/web-based
07/10/12 Identifying and Acquiring New Skills: The Key to Career Growth and Advancement Online/web-based
07/10/12 Nancy Pearl Presents Book Lust Rediscoveries Online/web-based
07/03/12 Digital Humanities and Libraries - Online Online/web-based
06/27/12 20 Questions: Genealogy Basics (Live Online) Online/web-based online education
06/27/12 How to use your Home Video Camera to Film Nonprofit Testimonials Online/web-based
06/27/12 NCompass Live: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers Online/web-based
06/27/12 Repeat Viewing -- Outcome-Based Evaluation: Show me the [grant] money Online/web-based
06/27/12 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: A conversation with Jamie LaRue - Online Online/web-based
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