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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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10/24/12 Revitalize the Library Customer Service Experience from Outside In and Inside Out (Part 2 of 3) Online/web-based
10/24/12 Embedding Linked Data Invisibly into Web Pages: Strategies and Workflows for Publishing with RDFa Online/web-based Online
10/24/12 Become an Expert Google Searcher in an Hour Online/web-based
10/24/12 NCompass Live: Your Government Online: Independent Federal Government Agencies Online/web-based
10/23/12 What's New in Audiobooks: Fall 2012 Online/web-based
10/19/12 Social Collaboration - What does it mean? Online/web-based
10/18/12 Part I On Common Core – Getting Real Online/web-based
10/17/12 A Day in the Life of a California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Librarian Online/web-based
10/17/12 Revitalize the Library Customer Service Experience from Outside In and Inside Out (Part 1 of 3) Online/web-based
10/17/12 RDA for Non-Catalogers Online/web-based Online
10/16/12 Common Core & More: Surprising Reasons to Go Graphic Online/web-based
10/16/12 Fall Books for Kids Online/web-based
10/16/12 Incubate leadership @ your library Online/web-based
10/16/12 Twitter Basics Online/web-based Online
10/16/12 Status Discarded: The Who,What, When, Where and How of Weeding Online/web-based Online
10/15/12 Juggling 101: Managing Multiple Priorities Online/web-based
10/11/12 Warm Up to Reading: Getting Kids Hooked on Books Online/web-based
10/11/12 Helping Patrons Find Legal Assistance in their Community: Online Referral Tools Online/web-based
10/11/12 My First eLearning Course with Adobe Presenter 8 Online/web-based
10/10/12 Telling Your Story: Five Secrets for Successful Career Growth and Advancement Online/web-based
10/10/12 The Art of Selecting Digital Content to Preserve (Part 1 of From the Digital Dark Ages to a Digital Renaissance) Online/web-based
10/10/12 NISO Webinar: MARC and FRBR: Friends or Foes? Online/web-based Online
10/10/12 Practical Uses for Adobe Presenter 8: Part 1: Video Lecture Capture & Knowledge Sharing Online/web-based
10/09/12 Opening the Space: Libraries as a Site of Participatory Culture Online/web-based
10/09/12 Factors Influencing Funding Decisions by Elected Politicians at the State/Provincial Level: A Case Study of Public Libraries in Canada Online/web-based
10/09/12 Personal Gadgets and the Library Online/web-based
10/09/12 Ring the Dinner Bell: New Cookbooks to Enjoy Online/web-based
10/09/12 Google Yourself Silly Online/web-based
10/09/12 Graphic Novels Online/web-based
10/05/12 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of Eventbrite Online/web-based
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