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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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06/07/12 Best Kept Secret: Marketing the Small & Rural Library Online/web-based
06/07/12 Social Networking the Catalog: Community Based Approaches to Building Catalogs and Collections Online/web-based
06/06/12 Oral Histories: Care and Preservation from the Start Online/web-based
06/06/12 Born Digital: Cataloging Items on the Web Online/web-based
06/06/12 Google Scholar and Institutional Repositories: Improving IR Discovery Online/web-based
06/06/12 NCompass Live: IT Security for Libraries Online/web-based
06/05/12 20 Questions: Technology Solutions in the Cloud (Live Online) Online/web-based online education
06/04/12 Weed ‘em or Keep ‘em? Digging Deeper Into Weeding Projects (Live Online) Online/web-based Online
06/04/12 Picture This: Introduction to Digital Imaging - Second half continues on June 5th Online/web-based
05/30/12 Drupal Basics: What Drupal Can Do for Your Library Online/web-based
05/30/12 Where’s the Power? What’s Your Point? Online/web-based
05/30/12 PubMed® for Trainers Online/web-based, Speaker/Lecture Oregon Health & Science University Library
05/30/12 NCompass Live: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: ePublish or Bust Online/web-based
05/29/12 Rediscover the Nineteenth Century: The creation and organization of Nineteenth Century Collections Online Online/web-based
05/29/12 Preservation of Photographic Materials - Second half continues on May 30th Online/web-based
05/25/12 Copyright Series: Interview with Cable Green, Creative Commons Online/web-based
05/24/12 Business Books 2012 Online/web-based
05/24/12 You've Got the Grant! Now What? Online/web-based
05/24/12 To Pin or Not to Pin: An Exploration of Pinterest for Librarians Online/web-based
05/23/12 Rare Materials and RDA: Exploring the Issues Online/web-based
05/23/12 NISO Two-Part Webinar: Understanding Critical Elements of E-books: Acquiring, Sharing, and Preserving Part 2: Heritage Lost? Ensuring the Preservation of E-books Online/web-based
05/23/12 What’s the Big Deal about HTML5 for Mobile eLearning Online/web-based
05/23/12 Leading from Any Chair in the Organization Online/web-based
05/23/12 NCompass Live: Contextual Outreach: Making the Library Matter Online/web-based
05/22/12 Introduction to Corporate Giving Online/web-based
05/22/12 Reference: Marketing What You Bought Reference: Marketing What You Bought Online/web-based
05/22/12 Database of the Month: Resources for Kids Online/web-based
05/22/12 A Public Right to Hear and Press Freedom in an Age of Networked Journalism Online/web-based
05/18/12 Copyright Series: Interview with Kenneth Crews, Copyright Advisory Office, Columbia University Online/web-based
05/17/12 Book Blitz! 45 Must-Know YA Titles in 60 Minutes Online/web-based
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