PNLA/WLA Conference Session:The Library as Internet Service Provider: Policy and Law

Over the past 20 years, Internet access at libraries has moved from being a rare frill to being a core component of library services. Along the way, libraries have struggled to develop policies that adapt to changing technology while adhering to traditional library principles of privacy and free access to information. Come learn how those principles are influenced and threatened by outside legal constraints. What are the latest rules on filtering? What information should (or must) libraries collect about patron usage of the Internet? Can libraries protect that information when faced with government requests, including subpoenas and national security letters? Note: Only United States law will be discussed.


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Bradburn Opinion (WA Supreme Court).pdf1.89 MB
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Doe Order Upholding Gag.pdf114.23 KB
European Data Retention Directive.pdf85.17 KB
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