Understanding Unemployment Insurance and Its Impact on Your Library Customers

Resource Type: Archived webinar

Topics: Management, Other

One simple change in library hours can have an unexpected impact on a large number of library patrons: Unemployment Insurance (UI) customers. In this webinar, we will be joined by Ed Seel, Unemployment Insurance Program Supervisor from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, who will explain out how the service works. In addition, Alice Neve, Public Service Manager at St. Paul Public Library, will describe how your library can support UI customers. Using her library as an example, she will describe how to collaborate with local UI offices, analyze challenges and implement solutions throughout your library system. This session is the first in a series brought to you in collaboration with the Jobs and Small Business Task Force of MELSA, serving the eight public library systems of the Twin Cities metro region of Minnesota. The series moderator is Melinda Ludwiczak, MELSA Project Manager.



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