WLA 2012 Pre-conference: Downloads, Ebooks and Apps, Oh My!

Can I download that book? Is there an app for my phone? Most libraries are buying more and more electronic versions of their
materials. How do you know what will work with which format? We will talk about the various formats ePub, PDF, WMA, MP3,
WMV, mobipocket, things we haven't even heard of when writing this description! We will also look at different providers
Overdrive, NetLibrary, Blio, etc.We will share tips for teaching staff and patrons how they can use these new formats.


Downloads_eBooks_Apps_Handout.pdf856.18 KB
E-Books_LearningKit2.pptx1.97 MB
eReader_Comparison_Chart.pdf397.54 KB
FrequentlyOccurringProblemswithSolutions.docx19.41 KB
KCLS_eBooks_Get_Started.pdf240.56 KB
Install_Adobe_Digital_Editions_and_Transfer_eBook_to_eReader.pdf444.7 KB
Install_OverDrive_Media_Console.pdf712.35 KB
LKM.Audiobooks_LearningKit.pptx2.47 MB
Nook_Troubleshooting_With_Adobe_Digital_Editions.pdf326.09 KB
Questions_When_Selecting_A_Reader.docx19.83 KB
Staff_Training_Exercises_Android_KCLS.pdf165.05 KB
Staff_Training_Exercises_iPad_iPhone_KCLS.pdf422.41 KB
Staff_Training_Exercises_Kindle_Fire_KCLS.pdf94.03 KB
Staff_Training_Exercises_Nook_Color_KCLS.pdf191.97 KB
Staff_Training_Exercises_Nook_KCLS.pdf113.62 KB
Transfer_OverDrive_Audiobooks_To_MP3_Player.pdf609.04 KB
TroubleshootingAidForOverdrive.docx16.53 KB
Techy_Side_of_ebooks_Handout.pdf217.55 KB

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