Planning Your Message to Voters

Discover the best ways to formulate your campaign message and who the messenger should be to voters! This discussion will be relevant to both Information-Only and Vote Yes campaigns because the message is similar and the call to action is clear. In this program, participants will learn about how messaging for an election is different than messaging for library advocacy, including specific and actionable tips on designing an effective message and techniques for getting your message out.

Presenters: Erica Findley, EveryLibrary Board Member; Sara Charlton, Tillamook County Library

  • Personal Assessment Worksheet
    Goal: to provide a brainstorming exercise to inform message development. To provide you with a framework for in-person and event-based interaction with the public that is rooted in the community’s need for a stable and well funded library and is authentic to your own experience of the library.
  • Community Assessments Survey
    Goal: to identify allies and endorsers around the community who need to be reached by the library with information about the ballot measure. We will ID Educational Partners, Social Welfare and Religious Partners, Governmental Partners, Civic Partners, Business Partners, and Media Partners.
  • Google Slides