Diversity Audits, Let’s Talk About It!


By now, as people invested in libraries, we have all heard the term Diversity Audit. However, many still have so many questions around this process. For example, what exactly is a diversity audit? How would I actually do one? My collection is too big, that is an impossible task! We plan to dive into each of these questions, giving some real-life examples of what our libraries have done, practical tools so you can get started, and so much more! Sponsored by OLA TSRT (Technical Services Round Table).

Links to excel spreadsheets:
1. Master Audit

2.  Josephine County Example Example:


  • Emily O’Neal, Deschutes Public Library
  • Ellie Avis, Josephine Community Library District, Technical Services Manager
  • Susan Davis, Josephine Community Library District, Youth Services Librarian

Video Recording:  https://youtu.be/q3CQ7BQYWe4