Meet Them Where They Are At: Creative, Justice-focused, Co-Curricular Outreach at a Small Liberal Arts College


You will learn about the creative and innovative outreach and engagement efforts of four college librarians and how to incorporate their ideas into your own work. This diverse group challenges long standing traditions and spaces of a predominantly white institution by reframing student outreach, revitalizing engagement, and recognizing the importance of nurturing relationships. Questions we grapple with: How do we create sustainable outreach that will exist after we may no longer be there? How can we be authentic and still be the people we were hired to be? What are new ways to engage students in our Covid-19 working environments of mostly online engagement? Sponsored by ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries).


  • Ann Matsushima Chiu, Reed College, Social Sciences Librarian
  • Maria Cunningham, Reed College Library, Head of Special Collections and Archives
  • Lily De La Fuente, Reed College, Humanities Librarian
  • Robin Ford, Reed College, Science & Accessibility Librarian

Video Recording:

meet them where they are at session_presentation_slides