Readers Advisory Reimagined by Empowering Library Staff: How to Play and Win the RA Long Game in the Age of Covid


This presentation is directed toward an audience of Public Library staff and leadership whose goal is to integrate a more robust Reader’s Advisory service throughout their organization. First, the presentation covers common barriers to Reader’s Advisory services for public library staff, particularly for paraprofessionals. We will introduce two specific paraprofessional library staff and talk about their strengths, challenges, and concerns. We will go through how these challenges and concerns are hindered, heightened, and helped by the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, we will talk about some potential solutions, including potential, practical RA Learning and Development plans for library staff to embed RA into your library services. Discuss making the commitment to empower staff by reframing RA to reflect it as a mission-critical service. Once we’ve reframed RA, we can re-introduce our libraries back to our communities as a powerful destination — whether it be virtual or brick-and-mortar that will enrich and enhance reading experiences.