Restructured, Redesigned – Ready or Not for the New RDA Toolkit


The new RDA Toolkit (the official version of RDA as of December 2020) incorporates new concepts and terminology, such as the use of application profiles and relationship elements. This presentation will provide an overview of the new Toolkit and plans for training and implementation, with an emphasis on how the cataloger’s decisions will be guided by policy statements and application profiles. The session also addresses alternative options for libraries that can’t afford the RDA subscription or the training to get their staff up to speed on the changes. Workarounds, alternative cataloging guidelines, and options for budget-friendly future developments will be discussed. Sponsored by OLA TSRT (Technical Services Round Table).


  • Lori Robare, University of Oregon Libraries, Interim Director, Cataloging, Metadata, and Preservation Services
  • Lori Van Deman, Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries, Head of Collection Services Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries

Video Recording:

restructured redesigned rda_restructured_robare
restructured redesigned rda_restructured_van_deman