Using the Census Bureau’s Statistics in School Programs to Promote Awareness of Equity and Inclusion Among Kids


The Census Bureaus Statistics in Schools (SIS) program offers a unique opportunity to talk to kids about equity, diversity, and inclusion. The SIS program is a free program providing kid-friendly activities, games, videos, maps, and data tools on a variety of topics. The program offers an array of ideas and resources for activities for kids to connect to their community and what they need to be media-literate consumers of information. This presentation will highlight the many activities that can be used to have engaging conversations with children on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Participants will leave the session equipped with tools and activities to promote an appreciation for their community’s diversity in addition to understanding statistical data, and the importance of civic engagement. Sponsored by DIGOR (Document Interest Group of Oregon).


  • Heidi Crawford, U.S. Census Bureau, Statistics in Schools Liaison
  • Arlene Weible, State Library of Oregon, Electronic Services Consultant

Video Recording:


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