Libros for Oregon: Collections Connect Communities

Libros for Oregon: Collections Connect Communities is an LSTA grant whose purpose is to support Spanish-language collection development in Oregon libraries by making the resources of the Guadalajara Book Fair more accessible through cooperative book-buying.

In this OLA presentation Deborah Gitlitz, grant coordinator, described the grant, the Guadalajara Book Fair, and how Oregon libraries can keep an eye out to participate in the future. The grant has three components:

1) form an Oregon library book-buying cooperative (with new participants each year) to purchase materials for members at the International Book Fair (FIL) in Guadalajara

2)  help participating libraries to develop and implement outreach plans for connecting their enhanced collections with their Hispanic/Latino communities

3) create a “Best of FIL” booklist (annotated to show US availability) for all Oregon libraries to use in collection development.

More information about the grant and the FIL can be read in the May 2017 OLA Quarterly article “Libros for Oregon: Collections Connect Communities: A New LSTA Grant to Help More Oregon Libraries Take Advantage of the Guadalajara Book Fair,” at this link: