Preconference – Rethinking Dewey

“It is the way we’ve always done it” – it is a common response to so many questions. It is a response that many of us cringe when we hear it. Yet it is the exact response we give when we ask, why do you use the Dewey Decimal System. It is the way we’ve always done it. And what if there is another way? What if you could make a system that was easily understood by the masses? A system that is equitable and easily browsable? I’m here to say, there is a way, and it isn’t the “way we’ve always done it.” After an presentation at the conference center, attendees of this preconference will provide their own transportation to the Deschutes Public Library to see this work in action. Session organizers will help connect anyone without a car at the conference to carpooling options.

Sponsored by Technical Services Roundtable (TSRT)

Speakers: Emily O’Neal, Casey Cheney

Material Provided
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