Legislatively Speaking: 2021 Library Issues & Call to Action


Dalton Advocacy, founded by Amanda Dalton, has served as OLA’s lobbyist since 2017. Amanda and her associate, Nicole Mann, will provide an overview of particular bills, workgroup milestones, and other activities pertaining to OLA’s legislative priorities. Moderated by Library Development & Legislative (LDLC) Committee Chair Sue Ludington. This session will also address the importance of OLA members’ on-going engagement with individual legislators, and provide specific concrete actions pertaining to Oregon’s 2021 Legislative Session that attendees can take action on immediately. Sponsored by LDLC (Library Development & Legislative Committee).


  • Amanda Dalton, Dalton Advocacy (OLA lobbyists), OLA Lobbyist
  • Nicole Mann, Dalton Advocacy (OLA lobbyists), Legislative Advocate
  • Sue Ludington, Lane County Law Library, Law Librarian

Video Recording:  https://youtu.be/EXOGu89GrRw

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